Insurance and Estate Appraisal


Our services include written formal appraisal documents, for estate and inheritance, equitable distribution to family members, current market value, insurance and other valuations. We offer a written appraisal report acceptable for insurance purpose against loss due to fire, theft, or breakage. The report is based on replacement value, it also comes with digital photographs printed and on CD.

Ebay Store

Ebay Store and Consignment


We have an established Ebay store since 2001 and take item’s for consignment to sell in auction on Ebay.

Wish book for those Item’s you need help finding

We have a wish book that we ask for your name and number and email and what the item is that you are looking for. Once we get something in the store that we think will work for you we will give you a call to let you know the item is in the store.

Estates bought as well collections


We buy total contents of estates from attic to basement and then offer a complete clean – out service. Providing a broom sweep service of the entire house if desired removing all item’s such as old appliances, trash, junk and any remaining item’s with no cash value. We also can arrange for item’s to be donated to a non profit and get receipts for your tax purposes.

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